Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Airbnb competitor sites

What are the biggest competitors to Airbnb?

Airbnb has grown exceptionally fast and has now millions of users booking apartments and rooms from private people when they go on travel. But what are the biggest Airbnb competitors?

Flipkey is relying on it's connection to the worlds biggest travel site, Tripadvisor, that sends millions of visitors to their holiday home booking section. It's free for holiday home owners to create an ad in this section, but like Airbnb Flipkey also takes a cut of the total booking price. Flipkey is still not as well know as Airbnb, but maybe they can outperform Airbnb in the long run? It's free to create an account with Flipkey, here you can sign up both as a traveler and a holiday home owner.

Roomorama is another Airbnb competitor, with short term rentals in more than 5000 locations worldwide - and still growing. As of 2013, Roomorama has more than 90 000 registered properties. Roomorama is the first company in the short time rental industry to introduce an open API to its users. If you would like to read more about Roomorama and become a host or search for a holiday rental, visit their website.

Wimdu has become Airbnb's strongest competitor in Europa, and is especially large in central and south Europe. Wimdu claims to be 50% cheaper than hotels and offers 24/7 phone support for guests and hosts. Learn more about wimdu here.

For a more thorough list of Airbnb competitors, visit this page.

Do you know any Airbnb competitor sites? Add your comments below.

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