Saturday, February 21, 2015

Airbnb hosting tips to get top reviews

As an experienced hos I'd like to share my top tips to get the most satisfied guests.

Airbnb is a accommodation platform that allows ordinary people to put up their places, spaces and spare rooms for other users to stay in. You can put up a whole apartment, house, villa, boat, hut or just a spare room. Guests book and pay hosts a nightly fee set up in advance.

As an Airbnb host you can quickly earn some spare cash for the nights you’re not using your place or if you have a spare room, but how can you make hosting easier and guests more happy?

Here are 10 tips to make Airbnb hosting easy and to get top Airbnb reviews:

1) Communicate, communicate, communicate - before, during and after the stay

2)  Keep your Airbnb rentals clean - really clean

3) Put flowers, fresh fruit and a snack in the guest's room

4) Provide your guests with a map and detailed directions

5) Meet your guess at the nearest station - no matter how good your directions are some people will get lost - and lost guests tend to be more annoyed.

6) Protect your floors with carpets do prevent damage

7) Put a waterboiler and coffee / tea in the guests room

8) A guest book will definately increase guest satisfaction - everyone loves to read positive comments and tips from previous guests and nobody writes bad comments in a guest book.

9) Provide towels and bed linen og good quality

10) Be available when you host

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