Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wimdu vs Airbnb

Wimdu vs Airbnb 

– what option is better?


On this site I’m trying to point out the main differences between the Wimdu and Airbnb  I’ve used both services to advertise my vacation rentals and here are my thoughts and experiences:

Wimdu vs Airbnb - sign up process and verification:

I signed up with Airbnb 3 years ago and altough I was not used to this kind of concept it was intuitive and easy to create a profile and add my vacation rental listing. Later on Airbnb has introduced a more thourogh verification process some people seem to struggle with, but on the other hand it's good that they are finally taking security seriously. 

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One year after signing up with Airbnb I got contacted by Wimdu who offered to set up and advertise my vacation rentals at no cost. I decided to give it a try and I've been a member ever since. There is no verification process for becoming a member of Wimdu and very few people have pictures and adequate descriptions. 

WIMDU vs Airbnb - number of bookings:

During 2014 I received a number of bookings from both Airbnb and Wimdu, in total 350 bookings from Airbnb and 44 from Wimdu:

Wimdu vs Airbnb bookings
While most guests from Wimdu have been European (German, Dutch, Italian), the Airbnb guests are more mixed nationalities.

Wimdu vs Airbnb - CUSTOMER SERVICE:

While Airbnb has an easy accessible 24/7 hour customer service by phone, I haven’t found something similar on Wimdu (correct me if I’m wrong).When you click on the “contact us” or “FAQ” button on Wimdu you’re being taken to a wide range of FAQ's and the option to send an inquiry through a contact form, but no emergency phone number. In my opnion that's a bit alarming if you're locked out or for some other reason need to contact the company quickly.

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However, the very few times I've had to contact Wimdu through the contact form they have normally answered few hours later or the next business day and the response time has been faster compared to tickets sent to the Airbnb customer service.

Airbnb vs WIMDU - comparison of affiliate programs and referral programs

While Airbnb ended it's Airbnb affiliate program last year and replaced it by a referral program, you can still become a Wimdu affiliate by signing up on Affiliate wimdu. The Airbnb referral gives you up to $100 for referring a friend while the Wimdu affiliate program gives you a percentage of every booking completed.

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  1. Thank you for your comments. As I am just having some problem with a Wimdu-booking, my conclusion is already to use Airbnb only from now on.

    1. Hi H.,

      What problem did you have with your Wimdu guest?

      A friend of mine had a last minute booking through Wimdu. The guys were quite nice and friendly and explained that the last minute booking was because their mum had been hospitalised in London and they needed to be near her.
      The second night of their stay (Sunday), my friend received a call from his upstairs neighbour complaining about the noise from the party downstairs. My friend phoned the guests who responded after several calls and then denied there was a party. My friend and I drove to the apartment at around 1am. There were more people in the apartment than had booked and they were watching TV with the volume on high and chatting and laughing loudly. After a long discussion, when we made it plain that the other people couldn't stay and that they had to turn the TV off, they decided to leave.

      All through, Wimdu were not contactable and after the incident they provided no assistance, sympathy or understanding.

  2. After a year with identical listings on them both, I had had 150 bookings from Airbnb and 3 (yes, three) from Wimdu. It wasn't even worth the effort of calendar updating with Wimdu. I'm sticking to Airbnb.

  3. Hi, on my blog (Italian) I wrote various statistics of "booking online" I use. I rent an apartment in the Canaries and the website that brings me more bookings is "holiday lettings". Airbnb and Wimdu only a few reservations but I think because my minimum rental is 5-6 days and many of those seeking housing in Airbnb and Wimdu are looking for 2-3 nights stay.