Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recommended sites to advertise your rental business


Travelers and hosts, get a free account here

I'd like to write a little about the different websites I'm using to promote my apartments and rooms for rent.  I'd like to start with the website I receive the most bookings from, more than 60% of my bookings I receive from Airbnb. Airbnb  was also the first site I started to use when I rented out my first rooms 3 years ago. I've also used Airbnb several times when I travel.

Airbnb Sign up process
The sign up process is fast and easy, all you need to get an account is an email address and you can also use your Facebook account to create an account. Later on you can add more verification such as Linkedin, your Google profile and upload your ID to build more trust in the community.

Here you can create a free account with Airbnb.

By using the invitation link above you'll also get an extra travel credit ;)

Browse properties and create your first listing.
Before you create your first listing, I would recommend  you to browse some of the beautiful listings on Airbnb. You can browse beautiful houses and flats from all over the world for inspiration. You can start to create your listing right away, but I would recommend to take some good photos of your property first. Make sure it's tidy and put some fruit or flowers on the tables.

More tips to come ;)

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